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IR DOOR SENSOR (SINGLE) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

✅Detection Range: IR door sensors typically have a specified range within which they can detect motion or the presence of
objects. The range can vary depending on the model and manufacturer but is typically several meters.

✅Detection Method: IR sensors detect changes in infrared radiation to identify movement or the presence of objects. They
typically emit infrared beams and measure the reflected or interrupted beams to determine if something is in their
detection zone.

✅Dual-Technology Sensors: Some IR door sensors combine infrared technology with other detection technologies such as
microwave or ultrasonic sensors. These dual-technology sensors provide more accurate and reliable detection by cross-
verifying the readings from multiple sensors.

✅Adjustable Sensitivity: Many IR door sensors allow you to adjust the sensitivity level according to your specific
requirements. This feature enables you to fine-tune the sensor's response to different environmental conditions,
preventing false alarms or missed detections.

✅Detection Modes: IR door sensors may offer different detection modes, such as presence detection or motion detection.
Presence detection mode is suitable for monitoring the presence or absence of objects within a defined area. Motion
detection mode is designed to detect movement within the sensor's range.

✅ More durable.
✅ It is used for door open close sensor system
✅ No need soldering, easy use.
✅ High safety, ideal replacement for original cables.

Code : 37011
Sensor : Single
Length : 1.8M
Voltage : DC 12V -24V
Control Load : <5 <60w
Sensitive : 30-80MM
Colour : White


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