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HAND SWEEP SENSOR (37014) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
✅Gesture Recognition: Hand sweep sensors can recognize a variety of hand gestures such as swipes, taps, circles, or
specific finger movements. These gestures can be mapped to different commands or actions.

✅Proximity Detection: Hand sweep sensors can detect the presence of a hand or object within a certain range without
requiring physical contact. This allows for touchless interaction with devices.

✅Range and Field of View: Hand sweep sensors have a defined range or field of view within which they can detect hand
movements. This range can vary depending on the specific sensor and its implementation.

✅Sensitivity Adjustment: Some hand sweep sensors allow users to adjust the sensitivity or detection threshold to
accommodate different environments or user preferences.

✅Multi-Gesture Support: Advanced hand sweep sensors can recognize and interpret multiple gestures simultaneously,
enabling more complex and intuitive interactions.

✅ More durable.
✅ It is used for door open close sensor system
✅ No need soldering, easy use.
✅ High safety, ideal replacement for original cables.

Code : 37014
Sensor : Single
Length : 1.8M
Voltage : DC 12V -24V
Control Load : <5 <60w
Sensitive : 30-80MM
Colour : White


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