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COB LED STRIPS 3M / 5M Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

High Light Output: COB LED strips are designed with densely packed LED chips, resulting in a high level of brightness and light output. The close arrangement of the chips allows for a concentrated light source, providing enhanced illumination.

Uniform Lighting: COB LED strips produce uniform lighting across the entire strip length. The closely positioned LED chips eliminate the spotting effect that can occur with individual LED diodes, ensuring consistent and even illumination without visible dark spots or color variations.

Compact Design: COB LED strips are built with a compact form factor, making them ideal for applications where space is limited. The close placement of LED chips on a single substrate allows for a slim profile and easy integration into various lighting fixtures and environments.

High Color Rendering Index (CRI): COB LED strips often offer a high Color Rendering Index, indicating their ability to accurately render colors compared to natural light sources. A high CRI ensures that colors appear vibrant and true to life, making COB LED strips suitable for applications where color quality is critical, such as in retail displays or art installations.

Enhanced Thermal Management: COB LED strips incorporate efficient thermal management systems to dissipate heat effectively. The close proximity of LED chips on a substrate allows for improved heat dissipation, helping to maintain lower operating temperatures and extending the lifespan of the LED strip.

Input : DC 12V
Power : 12w / mtr
Length : 3mtr/5mtr

Unbelievably long-expected life-span, with an average life expectancy of some 75,000 hours

LED Strip Width:
3000k: 0.8mm / 0.5mm
4000k: 0.8mm / 0.5mm

✅ 3000k Warm white: Yellowish light color gives you a cozy and relaxing feeling, best for bedroom, living room, restaurant, hotel.

✅ 4000k Cool white: It is close to sunlight and creates a serious, calm atmosphere, best for study and working environment: classroom, meeting room, study room, and workshop.

How to select a driver:
Add up the total wattage (w) of all light to be powered, this will give you the power rating value of the driver required.
The driver power rating should always bigger than the light's power consumption.

Exceeding the driver power rating will cause the driver overheat, malfunction, permanently damaged.
Damage caused by exceeding the driver's power rating will not be covered by the limited warranty.

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